Who We Are & What We Do

We are a thirty year old fence installation operation turned chain link manufacturer/wholesale fence supplier. Quite naturally, because we manufacture our own chain link, we can provide an unbelievable savings on chain link. However, we may surprise you on our fittings and pipe numbers, so please give us a shot. We are determined to level the playing field in our industry by giving everyone the opportunity to better compete by purchasing deeply discounted fence supplies, despite their size and buying power. We understand purchasing and vendor relationships from a fence contractor’s perspective, so we have a good idea of what our customers need.

We’ve developed an open and transparent pricing structure. This is a straight forward approach which categorizes pricing in four tiers: broken qty/ pallet, pallet/bag/bundled pricing, truckload, and wholesale club pricing. There is no tiered pricing based on purchasing power or preferred customer status. All of our pricing is up front, transparent, and uniform. Pricing is based on what is purchased at that point in time. There is no guesswork in our pricing structure, it’s the same for each customer, the smaller companies can purchase product for the same price as the big boys.

We want to put our customers in a position to be more competitive, increase sales, and profitability. We view our customer relationships as a partnership. We understand that if you win, we win and that's how we approach our business.