Frequently Asked Residential Fence Questions

Lattice fencing
  1. How long will the fence last?
    The type of fence you have installed will determine how long it will last. Chain link and vinyl fences will last almost a lifetime. Wood generally lasts 12 to 15 years.
  2. How deep will the post holes be?
    For residential fences, posts are usually 18 to 24 inches in the ground.
  3. When can you get started?
    From the time a contract is generated, we should have your fence installed in 7-10 days.
  4. Which way will the gate swing?
    In most instances, gates will swing in either direction.
  5. How long have you been installing fences?
    We have been in business for over thirty years.
  6. How do you dig your holes- by machine or using a post hole digger?
    The holes are dug by machine.
  7. Have you done work for anyone else in this area?
    No matter where you live in the Birmingham metro area, we have more than likely installed a fence within a stone throw of your property.
  8. Does the fence require any maintenance?
    Chain link, vinyl, and PVC are maintenance-free. Wood fences may require minor maintenance, depending on the appearance you desire (i.e. stain or natural finish).
  9. Will my dog be able to get under the fence?
    The behavior of your dog will determine whether it will attempt to go under the fence. Extra installation procedures can be taken to make your fence dog-proof.
  10. Do you need a down payment before you get started?
    NO DOWN PAYMENT is required.
  11. Do you accept checks?
    Cash or checks are accepted.
  12. Do you have liability insurance?
    We have liability insurance.
  13. How far apart do you set your posts?
    Posts are set no more than ten feet apart.
  14. Are your prices competitive?
    We do an annual market analysis to determine our cost so that no matter what the competition charges, we can save you money.
  15. How do you determine your cost?
    Cost is determined by the total number of linear feet. Chain link, vinyl-coated chain link, and P.V.C terminal and corner posts are also factored in the price
  16. Is there an additional charge for clearing the line?
    Yes, there will be an additional charge for clearing the fence line
  17. Will the bottom of the fence stay along the ground?
    Yes, the fence can run along the grade of the property. However you may have to compromise the height of the fence or the grade for proper appearance, depending on whether your goal is security or aesthetics
  18. Does the gate(s) come with a lock?
    No, chain link and vinyl-coated fences do not come with locks; however, special locks are installed with wood and P.V.C fences.
  19. What options do we have regarding the height of the fence?
    Standard fence heights are four, five, or six feet. However, you may choose to have a higher fence if you desire.
  20. Which is less expensive: wood, chain link, or vinyl?
    Chain link is the least expensive of our product offering. Wood, ornamental iron, and P.V.C are our most costly products.