Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fenceNo other fence application makes a statement of elegance and class like an ornamental fence. The value that these fences add to your most valuable asset, your home, far exceeds the cost of the installation.

Ornamental Steel

Ornamental Steel fences offer the beauty, strength, and protection of traditional wrought iron fencing without the maintenance. No other fence will do so much to enhance your home, pool, or commercial project. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and heights that add prestige and value to any property. We offer the Ameristar Montage fence line, which has the ability to follow the contours of most any landscape. These pre-assembled panels are welded to provide durability and structural integrity that is closely matched to wrought iron fence applications. This product is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 20 year warranty on the finish of the steel.

Ameristar®   Ameristar logo
As the world’s largest manufacturer of steel ornamental fencing, Ameristar® specializes in crafting durable, stylish and affordable products. By using innovative components like PermaCoat for corrosion, UV and abrasion resistance, Ameristar® delivers fencing that continuously exceeds industry standards.

Montage® by Ameristar® - Classic
Montage by Ameristar - ClassicThe Traditional look of real wrought iron is captured in Ameristar's Classic welded ornamental fences and gates. The pickets extending above the top rail and culminate in a safe yet attractive pressed spear point with a 3/8" radius rounded tip.

Montage® by Ameristar® - Genesis
Montage by Ameristar - GenesisThe extended pickets of the Ameristar's Genesis style of fence form the popular and attractive style that terminates with a simple flat-top, effectively protecting the perimeter without competing with landscape or architecture.

Montage® by Ameristar® - Majestic
Montage by Ameristar - MajesticThe elegant look of the Ameristar's Majestic design lends to its appeal in a wide variety of applications ranging from neighborhood residential perimeters, to pool enclosures. Always check your local pool code for compliance prior to purchasing any fence for that application.

Ornamental Aluminum

Aluminum fences also enhance the exterior aesthetics and appearance of most any home. They too offer the beauty and protection of traditional wrought iron fencing without the maintenance. Aluminum fences have a lifetime warranty against rust, corrosion, and overall workmanship of the product. In our professional opinion, unlike ornamental steel systems, aluminum typically does not offer the strength, durability, and structural integrity that ornamental steel provides.